A small picturesque southern town midway kristiansand and stavanger
- yet to be discovered by the world. this extraordinaire nature and the unique attractions makes a visit to Flekkefjord an experience of a lifetime. Welcome.


Flekkefjord Tourist Information:

Flekkefjord Culture Center SPIRA,
Elvegaten 1, 4400 Flekkefjord / T: +47 38 32 80 81 / e-mail


Top 4 in flekkefjord

- experience the best of Flekkefjord


Foto: Simen Løvgren

History meets street art in the dutch quarter

A stroll through the old streets of the dutch quarter, part of Southern Norways best kept wooden houses and explore the facinating history from the 16th, 17th and 18th century, along the cultural path. Hollenderbyen has also become a great outdoor gallery for street art where new ideas meet old traditions. Each year we introduce new artists and murals, both local and international, which enrich this beautiful part town.

 Foto: Adam Read, USUS

Foto: Adam Read, USUS

The iconic Giant pottholes

On the coast of Åna-Sira in Flekkefjord, beneath the magnificent “Brufjell” and 15 meters above the ocean, lies the giant potholes like huge footprints from a lost world. They were formed by the Iceage, 20 000 years ago. This area is part of UNESCO’s Magma Geopark.

Foto: Hanne Feyling, USUS

Hidra The most beautiful island in the…

On this beautiful island, you can truly dive into the coastal heritage of Southern Norway. Hike along marked trails in cultivated landscapes, among wild sheep and goats. Visit small galleries in the harbor of Kirkhamn and enjoy delicious local food at the restaurant in Kongshamn. You can also explore the magnificent war memorials on the very top of the island or visit Fedrenes Minne in Rasvåg, an exhibition on the history of the Island.

Foto: Magma Geopark

Ride your own railbike on the beautiful Flekkefjordbanen

Railbiking has become one of the most popular tourist activities in Flekkefjord. Thousands of people take this ride every year on old train rails, through beautiful scenery and tunnels.
Suitable for everyone. Every day during the summer season from Flekkefjord at 12 and 4 PM or by appointment.

While in flekkeford…

 Foto: Peder Austrud, USUS

Foto: Peder Austrud, USUS


Flekkefjord has some nice niche stores offering perfumes, designer clothing, shoes, electronics etc. There is also a large shopping centre with big brand names and eating possibilities. The little niche shops are located in the narrow and cosy streets full of white wooden houses where you can find some great bargains.


Dining out…

We have a vast selection of cafés and restaurants in Flekkefjord og several of them is runned by rewarded chefs. Crazy good Pizzas, delicious local food experiences, smoothies and sandwiches, seafood and bakery goods that will bring your mind and belly into happy mode.

Also worth checking out…

4 fun facts about Flekkefjord

1. Oak and gravel from Flekkefjord carry parts of Amsterdam.

2. Norways most famous photographer of all time, Ander Beer Wilse, was born in Flekkefjord. He is most likely to blame for the great myth about Norwegians are born with skis on their feet.

3. Fashion designer Hermés imported hives from Flekkefjord for their hand bag production.

4. Flekkefjord is so close to the zero point of the amphidromic point that we have no ebb and flow. There are only two other such points in the world, close to shore; by New Zealand and by Madagascar.